2011 Avrupa HyperWorks Kullanıcı Konferansı Sunumları – Aerospace/Turbines, Development Process, Composites, Aerospace

8-9 Kasım 2011 tarihlerinde Bonn şehrinde gerçekleştirilen ve 25 farklı ülkeden 300 firma ve 500 katılımcının iştirak ettiği konferansın “Aerospace/Turbines, Development Process, Composites, Aerospace” başlıklı sunum dosyalarını okumak için başlıklara tıklamanız yeterlidir.
Diğer sunum başlıkları:

Volkswagen, Stefan Heinemann
Automotive Sheet Metal Part Simulation and Tool Surface Derivation

, Kimon Afsaridis
Aluminum Extrusion Optimization of Two Different Profiles per Hole

Bottero, Marcello Ostorero
Glass Machinery: Numerical Simulations to Meet Reliability and Performance Requirements

Alpla, Claudius Oblasser
Process Automation with HyperWorks for Blow Moulding of Plastic Containers

Part Engineering, Dr. Wolfgang Korte
Process – Structure Interaction for Injection Molded Plastics Parts

University Salento, Teresa Primo
Engineering Data Management for Metal Forming Process

Siemens PLM, Stephen Boot
HyperMesh-Teamcenter Integration Using a Standard PLMXML Interface

Ford, Uli Fox
Ford Motor Company CAE PLM Solution and integration with CAE Pre-Processor Software

Saab, Carolina Kalliokorpi
Efficient Virtual Development at Saab Automobile using HyperWorks

CAEvolution, Dr. Hans Sippel
Exploring Design-To-Cost in Vehicle Engineering using Altair’s Enterprise Solution: HiQube

Iveco, Vladi Nosenzo
Performance Evaluation of a Virtual Cluster at IVECO Engineering

Aermacchi, Marco Basaglia
Topological, Size and Shape Optimization of an Underwing Pylon Spigot

Airbus, Björn Bertram
A400M Channel Fitting Optimization Topology Analysis Combined with Flexible Casting

Astrium Space Transportation, Andreas Reim
Optimization of Structural Components for the Ariane 5ME Upper Stage

Recaro Aircraft Seating, Dirk Götze
Use of Optimization Techniques to Reduce Weight in Aircraft Seating

solidThinking, Jim Hassberger
solidThinking and Inspired in HyperWorks 11.0: Let Your Ideas Take Shape

Tadano Faun, Andreas Hofmann
Analysis Process in Mobile Crane Development

SNFC, Patrick Jumin
Study on Engine Mounting

Kirchhoff Automotive, Jasmin Brühmann
Using Strain Hardening for Advanced Structural Analysis Quality of Vehicle Components

Faurecia Autositze, Martin Meyer
Improved Mapping Workflow with HyperMesh 11

Piaggio/University Pisa, Sandra Baldini et al
From CAD to Manufacturing: Optimization in the Design of Motorcycle Wheel Rim of New Scooter Tire Rim

Agusta Westland
, Daniele di Sanzo
Failure Analysis of a Composite Laminate in HyperWorks through “Ply Elimination” Procedure

Cassidian Germany,Fernass Daoud
Integrated CAE Solutions – Multi- disciplinary Structure Optim. with CASSIDIAN LAGRANGE and HM

EADS, Wolfgang Machunze
Optimization Assisted Concept Design of Aircraft Floor Structures

Diehl Aircabin, Olivier Lo Verso
A350 (Recirculation Fan) Bracket Optimization

Creo Dynamics, Peter Davidsson
Simulation of Noise Control Treatments

Audi, Jochen Döll
Challenges in the Simulation of Car Body Structures made from Composite Materials

M.TEC, Dr. Volker Gorzelitz
Simulation of Plastic Parts Considering Material and Production Specific Boundary Conditions

Acentiss, Christoph Katzenschwanz
Integrating HW into the Development and Optimisation of Windturbine Rotor Blades

University of Coventry, Oliver Grimes
Design and FEA of a Compo- site Monocoque Chassis for Shell Eco Marathon Project 2012

Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge (ika) RWTH Aachen University, Kristian Seidel
Series-Production Automotive Hood in Integral CFRP Design

IHF, Wolfgang Feickert
Assessment of Static Strength and Fatigue Life According to FKM-Code within HyperWorks

EDAG, Charline Bonfils
Model Updating Considering Damping Effects

Saab, Jens Weber; Ismail Benhayoun
SAR Line Method – A new method for Squeak & Rattle simulation and test developed at SAAB

COSIN, Professor Michael Gipser
Tire Simulation with FTire – More Than Rubber and Chord

DJ Fothergill Consulting, David Fothergill
Use of System Mod. Techni- ques to Filter Test Measure ments and Drive a Physical Vehicle NVH Simulator

RUAG Space/PD, Franck Mouriaux
Process Optimisation: Notching Automation for Spacecraft Payload under Sine Response

Altair, Dr Roberts Yancey
Concept Optimal Design of Composite Fan Blades

Siemens Industrial Turbines, Oleg Rojkov
Strategy for Turbine Blade Solid Meshing Using HyperMesh