HyperWorks 11 Çözücü Güncellemesi – 11.0.230

HyperWorks 11 versiyonunda yer alan implicit (lineer ve non-lineer) ve explicit sonlu eleman çözücüsü RADIOSS, yapısal sonlu eleman ve multi-body (MBD) optimizasyon yazılımı OptiStruct ve alüminyum ve polimer ekstrüzyon çözücüsü HyperXtrude için güncelleme dosyası yayınlandı. (11.0.230) Kullanıcılar şifreleriyle Altair Client Center bölümünden bu dosyayı indirebilirler.

Öne çıkan yenilikler;


  • /MONVOLFVM1: Injector properties can be defined referring to /PROP/INJECT card (as for /AIRBAG1); gas mixtures and properties can be prescribed referring to /MAT/GAS cards
  • Couple with AcuSolve for Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis
  • Starter is now SMP parallel
  • /LAW70: improved stability and material behavior, especially at high compression level.
  • Conservative strategy for composite element deletion: element is deleted only when all integration points have fulfilled failure criteria (Isolid=2). Compatible with Hashin, Puck and Ladeveze failure models
  • /INTER/TYPE2: search distance is computed automatically with Ignore=2


  • AMSES solver for EIGRA is even faster
  • Boundary conditions can change in a continuation SUBCASE
  • Support of elasto-plastic materials for composite analysis
  • Option added to not overwrite previous analysis results files


  • Move limits implemented for topology optimization with nonlinear responses.


  • HyperXtrude will print the strain rate table in the output file when the parameter “WriteStrainRateTable” is set to “yes”. In addition, when enabled via H3D Optional results, HyperXtrude will export strain rate tensor to the H3D file
  • There are few upgrades to this module. The maximum number of user-defined nodal and element results is now increased to 10. In addition to the primary variable, now all the computed data is sent to the UDF routines. These include rate of deformation tensor, temperature gradients, billet interface, skin interface, and stresses
  • HyperXtrude output file naming convention has changed. Now the current output files will always have the name <jobname>.<ext>. If that folder has previously computed results, those files will be renamed
  • HyperXtrude can model glass pad used for lubrication in extrusion of super-alloys. This setup is supported by the Tube Extrusion Wizard in the user interface.