Web Semineri :Efficient Simulation Data Organization and Collaboration in HyperWorks

Efficient Simulation Data Organization and Collaboration in HyperWorks

27 Haziran 2012 17:00 TSİ

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Simulation data has many unique aspects that require a specialized solution, especially to make it natural and useful for CAE engineers. Is the solution integrated into the users’ authoring tools? In other words, can users organize, access, and share their data without leaving their primary pre- and post-process application? If not, then there’s a real risk that the solution won’t get used, or at least it may not be used efficiently. Is the solution a natural part of users’ and teams’ work flow? If not, data may not be captured, limiting the efficacy of the solution . Furthermore, if data is not accessible in a natural way, then users may again bypass the tool altogether.

The HyperWorks Collaboration Tools have been created with these and many other “user questions and issues” in mind. The result is a data organization and management tool which is tailored to the needs of CAE users; It is seamlessly integrated into the HyperWorks Desktop environment; and, best of all, it works out-of-the-box, so individual users and groups of users can begin collaborating on their simulation data from day one. Finally, by incorporating the HyperWorks Enterprise Foundation and Web Applications, the solution grows with the needs of an organization.

This 45 minutes webinar will introduce users to the Collaboration Tools, including the Explore dialog, Organize browser, and Connect functionality for accessing data from a PDM system.

Who should attend:
– CAE Analysts
– Product Engineers and Designers
– CAE Managers and Directors