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HyperWorks Smart Multiphysics Webinar Series

Altair® Smart Multiphysics™ enables best-in-class solutions for solving complex multidisciplinary and multiphysics design problems involving two or more physical phenomena from structural, fluids, thermal, multi-body dynamics, acoustics, controls, hydraulics and electromagnetism.

Built on top of a single, open architecture multiphysics platform, Altair Smart Multiphysics maximizes the quality, robustness and scalability coming from required single physics solutions of Altair and Altair’s valuable partners, while applying the best coupling and optimization technology to solve complex and real world engineering problems, quickly and effectively.

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Date/Time: Wed, Feb 13th 10:00 AM US EST Date/Time: Wed, Feb 20th 10:00 AM US EST
Date/Time: Wed, Feb 27th 10:00 AM US EST
Date/Time: Wed, March 6th 10:00 AM US EST
On-Demand Webinars:

Direct Coupling of AcuSolve & RADIOSS for Fluid-Structure Interaction
Date/Time: Wednesday, Feb 13th 10:00 AM US EST

Altair’s HyperWorks suite provides users with powerful multiphysics capabilities across a broad range of engineering disciplines. One of the most commonly exercised forms of multiphysics simulation in the engineering community is bi-directionally coupled fluid/structure interaction (FSI).

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the directly coupled FSI capabilities of Altair’s flagship structural and CFD solvers (RADIOSS and AcuSolve). Attendees will be given an overview of the technology, when to use it, and a demo showing how to set up a typical model for FSI analysis.


Solving for Structural Responses based on Fluid Temperature Loading
Date/Time: Wednesday, Feb 20th 10:00 AM US EST

Thermal loading on structures typically involves the CAE engineer supplying the surface temperatures directly. In the case where the surface of the structure is subject to interaction with a fluid such as air or water, AcuSolve can be used to calculate these values which can subsequently be used for structural thermal loading.

This webinar will demonstrate this capability using Altair’s flagship structural and CFD solvers (RADIOSS and AcuSolve).


Optimizing Performance & Accuracy Using Flexible Bodies
Date/Time: Wednesday, Feb 27th 10:00 AM US EST

Engineering simulation requires obtaining accurate results with the greatest efficiency possible. In addition, simulations involving the modeling of an entire system often require one or more bodies to be deformable.

Unfortunately, methods available today result in long run times for systems models which have deformable bodies represented by a traditional FE mesh. There exists an alternative, however, which provides excellent accuracy while enabling shorter run times and this is through the use of Flexible Bodies. Flexible bodies can be obtained by running a structural analysis followed by analyses in other domains such as multi-body dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, or explicit finite elements.

This webinar will provide an introduction to flexible bodies and their use in CAE.


Application of Computational Aero Acoustics using AcuSolve

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 6th 10:00 AM US EST

Fluid created noise sources, their generation, propagation, and mitigation is a concern in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace and energy. The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to predict the noise sources and methods of propagation of the noise will be presented. An introduction to the types of sources: monopoles, dipoles and quadropoles will be presented along with the different methodologies to predict the noise source as well as the noise location.