Web Semineri : Optimizing Performance & Accuracy Using Flexible Bodies

27 Şubat tarihinde gerçekleştirilen web seminerinin kayıt dosyasını izlemek için TIKLAYINIZ.

Optimizing Performance & Accuracy Using Flexible Bodies

Engineering simulation requires obtaining accurate results with the greatest efficiency possible. In addition, simulations involving the modeling of an entire system often require one or more bodies to be deformable.
Unfortunately, methods available today result in long run times for systems models which have deformable bodies represented by a traditional FE mesh. There exists an alternative, however, which provides excellent accuracy while enabling shorter run times and this is through the use of Flexible Bodies. Flexible bodies can be obtained by running a structural analysis followed by analyses in other domains such as multi-body dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, or explicit finite elements.
This webinar will provide an introduction to flexible bodies and their use in CAE.

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