Altair FEKO Mart 2014 Web Seminerleri

Elektromanyetik simülasyon yazılımı Altair FEKO için mart ayında ücretsiz olarak düzenlenecek olan web seminerlerine aşağıdakı bağlantı adreslerini kullanarak kaydınızı gerçekleştirebilirsiniz.

Radome Analysis Techniques in FEKO
This webinar discusses the numerical methods and special features available for the design and analysis of radomes. These include planar multi-layered substrates and periodic boundary analysis for frequency selective surfaces (FSS). The Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM), efficient ray-launching Geometrical Optics (RL-GO), and the Thin Dielectric Sheet (TDS) approximation are the options available for the analysis of electrically large radomes.

Tarih 05 Mart 2014
Saat 17.00 TSİ
Konuşmacı Gopinath Gampala – Uygulama mühendisi
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Lua Scripting & General Automation in FEKO
Scripting has been made available to the user interface components of FEKO. With scripting, it is possible to extend and customise the user interface to automate tasks and process data. In this webinar we will demonstrate and highlight the basic concepts of scripting and introduce some helpful resources to assist the user. Several practical examples will also be shown, varying from simple productivity tweaks through to advanced data processing.

Tarih 19 Mart 2014
Saat 17.00 TSİ
Konuşmacı Andries Maritz  -Mühendis
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