Web Semineri : Otomotiv aerodinamik simülasyonları – ALTAIR HyperWorks


Üniversite öğrencileri ve taşıt aerodinamik simülasyonlarına ilgi duyanlara yönelik olarak düzenlenen web seminerine katılım ücretsizdir. 1,5 saat sürecek olan web seminerini izlemek için kayıt yaptırılması zorunludur.


Konuşmacı Marc Ratzel
Tarih 17 Eylül 2015
Saat 19:00 TSİ

In this session, Marc Ratzel will give a quick overview of automotive aerodynamic studies before presenting HyperWorks tools in action. Amongst other topics this will include model preparation, design changes using morphing, solver technology (Navier-Stokes as well as Lattice Boltzmann) and shape optimization.

Then Marc will review the three steps in performing an external aerodynamic analysis of a vehicle. The first step is to prepare the geometry for a computational fluid dynamic (CFD) solver run, generate a surface mesh and a volume mesh. Depending on the utilized solver technology, the resulting surface mesh has to fulfill different quality requirements. The second step is the solver run itself, often executed on a multi-processor machine to reduce turnaround time. In the third step, the relevant data is extracted yielding the drag coefficient for example.